The quarantine in Colombia has basically closed the market for ‘differentiated’ coffee. Therefore, more of the coffee harvested is being sold in the normal washed and dried coffee market. Fortunately, coffee prices are better than a year ago. And fortunate for coffee farms and workers, there was no restriction on primary crop farms, given the importance of the food sector to society. ABARIM has been working normally with local workers from Buenavista.

Solar dryer update

We are constructing a relatively large clear plastic covered area to dry coffee in 30 dedicated platforms, called a solar parabolic dryer. This allows drying even in rain and humidity. The cement platform and sides are installed. Construction was paralyzed for 6 weeks due to the COVID 19 lockdown in Colombia. It is now back under construction as restrictions on small-scale construction were eased.

April-May harvest updates

To date over 600 kg of dried high-quality washed coffee was sold and batches of honey and natural coffee prepared, dried, and bagged for storage and sale after the restrictions and problems associated with transport and closed specialty coffee houses end.