Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy that rural mountain life in agriculture that nurtures and not damages the long-term qualities of the land is a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. All small-scale primary crop production is a precarious living economically but we take the challenge to find strategic, smart and successful pathways to stay in coffee production and maintain the historic coffee culture of this region while always enjoying the landscape. We operate on the principles of respect and good treatment of all workers and farm team.


Coffee, plantain, and cacao production on this farm are successful and maintain a family of workers, a network of pleased clients around the world, and the conservation of soil, aquatic and biodiversity wealth.

Goals and objectives

The goal is to build a sustainable specialty coffee farm that will endure for all time along with fruit trees, biodiversity, plantains, and over a thousand specialty cacao trees, in harmony and in support of coffee culture and small-scale ecotourism.